Interested in joining us? We are looking for CV writers.

Procivi is a small (very small) career consulting firm with a huge focus on helping professionals retell their career stories via an effective CV to boost their chances of getting noticed by employers 3- 4x faster.

We are thinking of scaling our operations (for the first time) and think we might need a few CV writers to join us as independent contractors (freelancers).

We think you might fit in.

Our small team all share a passion for empowering others. We approach our work with radical empathy and expect our writers to do the same. Our dream writer is a thorough, compassionate, and independent individual with an eye for detail and a big heart for helping others.

Depending on how things go, you might end up earning as high as N100,000 or more monthly. If you think you can fit into what we do, please fill the form below.

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