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From our experience, 95% of CVs are generic, lack precision, storytelling, and totally ineffective. Plus if you have ever noticed that you recently submitted your CV to over 100 vacancies and yet never gotten called for interviews, the yes, your CV might have a serious problem. An average recruiter recieves between 500 - 3,000 applications for each role. In the CV selection process, they often spend no more than 5/6 seconds glancing at each CV before putting them in either the YES or NO categories. From the first glance and detailed look at your CV, if it doesn't meet expectations, it is immediately discarded - even if you are qualified for the position. You need an expert to help look at it and ensure it is perfect. Stop losing opportunities.

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“I gave Nwaka and his team a try by uploading my CV for their free review. Although I didn’t get the review or hear back from them after 2 days. But by the third day, I received an email from them with a surprisingly detailed review. I felt really bad when I saw the review because they actually exposed every flaw in my CV. They even went as far as recommending the kind of changes I should make. It took a while for me because it wasn’t an easy thing to do. But as soon as I was done with my CV, I resumed applying for jobs. Guys, I got called for 3 interviews within the next 5 weeks. I couldn’t believe it. I will recommend this review to anybody without thinking.” — Efosa [Quality Control Specialist].

“Firstly, it is very unusual for a company to offer a free CV review. So, I actually didn’t expect anything good from them. I submitted my CV because the review is free. But when I got the critique from them, I was completely amazed. These guys dissected my CV and talked about every single thing in it. These guys are good. Trust me.” — Samuel [Regional Sales Manager]

“I like free things a lot. So, when I heard of this offer. I rushed to submit my CV for a free CV review. In the end, I had to email them to ask why they do it for free. Because it was a very deep review. I carried out the recommended changes they asked me to do and yes, I have landed a job. This is exactly 2 months after the CV review.” — Amaka E. [Senior Customer Service Officer]

“When something is this good and it is free, my brother, make use of it fast. I have seen what they did to my CV. I never believed that my CV was that poor and stupid. In fact, I was embarrassed after I saw my CV review from them.” — Chinyere O. [Product Manager].

“Let me be frank. I submitted my CV for the free review but did not follow up on it because I felt it wasn’t real. 3 days later, I got a call from their office asking me to check my email for my free review and also let them know if I have any questions. I call this professionalism at its peak. Well done Procivi.” — Chinedu A. [FMCG Automation Specialist]

“I really don’t have much to say other than Nwaka and his guys at Procivi really know their stuff. Highly recommended” — Oluwatosin I. [Bank Branch Manager].

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Do you get the right response from your job applications or do you always get silence from the employers after you hit the 'submit' button? Get our FREE CV review.

See some very common [and uncommon] case studies that hinders your CV from landing interviews. And why you should let us review your CV for FREE.

#Case Study 2: Technology Skills - Proficient vs Familiar.

With technology playing such a huge role in the hiring process, it is extremely important to make sure your resume gets flagged for the right positions—but do not oversell yourself on your CV.

If you mention agile skills but do not know what kanban is, think twice. If you mention that you are skilled in Java but haven’t used it in five years, beware.

If there are languages and frameworks you are familiar with but not necessarily current in, create a different category or divide your experience into “proficient in” and “familiar with.” This is a VERY common issue with CVs.

#Case Study 2: Attention to Detail.

As the founder of Procivi, I look at CVs, and I more than often find this a lot: “Attention to detail”. But then again, this is what I find mostly in the working experience section => ‘June 2017 – till date’.

Pray you do not meet recruiters who are obsessed with attention to detail. Let me explain what’s wrong with writing June 2017 – till date.

It is simple….

The hyphen “-” and the word “till” shouldn’t be in the same space together. Either you use one OR the other. Not both. The hyphen “-” denotes or is used to represent the word “till”. This is another very common problem with CVs.

#Case Study 3: False Information Fillers.

If it is easy for us to identify false information in your CV, then it is easy for employers to notice them too.

Recently, at Procivi Inc, we were given 5 candidates to interview for a position. One of the candidate’s CV had an issue. Two of the companies she worked with didn’t exist. We later learned from her that she was out of work during that period, hence, she had to fill in something. This is totally wrong. How about learning how to fill up spaces or gaps in your CV without actually using false information?

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